Mango Madness

Careful, it bites!


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Hold on to your seats, this sauce is one wild ride! We dialed up the heat with extra spice and fresh habaneros. Next, succulent and sweet mangoes were brought in to bring you a perfectly balanced sauce. It might give your tastebuds a kick, but we bet you’ll get caught up in the madness. Add some excitement to your pulled pork sandwich or stir a tablespoon or two into your favorite bloody Mary!

1 review for Mango Madness

  1. Darrick

    Loved it! Sweet mango chunk front end with the habenjero back end heat. Was a little worried itd be too spicy for ribs so we just dipped our ribs in the sauce after they were done. AMAZING! The fat or spice or what ever from the ribs just balanced the heat and sweet of the sauce.

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